Roanoke Cosmetic Dentist

Melanie came to Roanoke Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Henny with the desire to improve the appearance of her smile. She had crowns placed on her front teeth several years prior which just didn’t look as nice as she wanted.

Dr. Paul Henny, crowns and veneers in Roanoke, Va.
As a single full-time working mother, Melanie also had concerns about getting work done within her budget and busy schedule. Upon a complete evaluation with Dr. Henny, Melanie learned that her gums around her old crowns were not healthy and needed attention. She also learned that her lower front teeth were substantially worn short and needed restoration. A mutually agreed upon plan of action was developed and staged to fit into her budget:

  • Remove the old crowns on Melanie’s upper front teeth
  • Have Melanie work with a Periodontist to improve the health of her gums
  • Restore the lower teeth to ideal length and appearance
  • Restore the upper teeth to ideal length and appearance
  • Manage Melanie’s teeth wear with a bite guard appliance

Fine periodontal work was completed by Linda Till, DDS. Dr. Henny restored Melanie’s teeth with a combination of crown and veneers. Masterful ceramic work was completed on site at Dr. Henny’s office by Ryan Pennington, CDT.