Zoom® Teeth Whitening

The state-of-the-art, highly successful teeth whitening treatment.

Zoom is the state-of-the-art in highly successful professional-level teeth whitening. Amazingly, Zoom technique creates results you want in just one hour! Dr. Henny and his staff have been trained in Zoom technique which consists of a dentist applied gentle proprietary whitening gel in combination with a patented wavelength-matched gas plasma treatment light.

At this time, Dr. Henny is one of the only dentists in all of Central and Southwest Virginia with this training and the Zoom teeth whitening technology. The Zoom technique creates dramatic lightening of your teeth (up to 8 shades lighter in some cases) in just one visit. Zoom eliminates the need for patients to use “take home” whitening trays with gels for six hours at a time and for a week or more. Zoom also avoids much of the sensitivity commonly associated with the “take home” whitening technique and eliminates the disappointing and unpredictable results that the majority of our patients report with over-the-counter products!

Zoom is dentistry’s leader in single-visit, safe, professionally assisted teeth whitening. The patented blue spectrum light system and proprietary whitening gel yield predictable, effective and exceptional results and 98% patient satisfaction in just one hour.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening FAQs

Common questions answered regarding Zoom.

How white will my teeth be after Zoom?

In clinical studies, Zoom has been proven to brighten teeth on average 9 shades. Your results may vary as the initial lightness (or darkness) of your teeth and the inherent source of any intrinsic staining will influence how much whiteness is possible; however in many cases the results can be quite dramatic. During your visit, one of our highly trained team members will discuss with you what you can expect to achieve with Zoom.

How long does it last?

The long-term results depend primarily on you. Certain habits, such as the use of tobacco products, drinking a lot of coffee, tea, dark soft drinks, and infrequent visits to the dentist for regular cleanings, etc., can slowly re-stain your teeth reversing the results achieved. Regular professional care and use of the Zoom Professional Whitening After-Care products can help maintain your natural whiteness for up to 2 or more years.

How Does Zoom work?

Zoom begins with one of our highly trained team members evaluating your mouth for the appropriateness of the procedure. (You are deemed “not ready” for Zoom when you have active dental decay, unhealthy gums, abnormally sensitive teeth, or have not had your teeth cleaned within the last year.)

Next, you relax in our plush and private Zoom Treatment Suite while we apply the proprietary whitening gel to your teeth. The revolutionary, patented Zoom light is then positioned over your teeth to activate the gel. As your teeth lighten and your natural whiteness is restored, you can choose to watch a movie, listen to music, paraffin wax dip your hands or take a nap. Maximal whiteness is achieved within about an hour due to the unique Zoom chemistry and patented blue wavelength matched light source.

Is it safe?

Yes! The Zoom proceedure will not soften enamel or damage existing fillings or the nerves in your teeth.

Will it hurt?

The majority of our clients experience no pain or sensitivity/ A few individuals experience a mild ache following the procedure. Taking an analgesic such Tylenol or Motrin once following treatment almost always resolves the issue.

How does Zoom compare to other whitening options?

Zoom offers state-of-the-art technology and amazingly comfortable results. Clinical studies have proven Zoom whitens on average 9 shades in one hour. (The leading tray system achieves 6 shades on average and sometimes takes weeks to complete). In fact, many former tray users report they were never able to achieve even a few shades of improved lightness as the method created too much sensitivity and gum irritation.

Will the procedure whiten my existing crowns / veneers / bonding?

The Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening treatment has been successful at removing stains from surfaces of caps, veneers or bonded teeth. However, no form of whitening treatment can change the original color of the caps, veneers or bonding. If you have concerns regarding this issue, then Dr. Henny will be happy to discuss various ways to address them.

Can I do Zoom and continue to see my regular dentist?

Yes! If you want to optimally lighten your teeth prior to having fillings, veneers, or crowns placed, we can coordinate Zoom with your other dental needs. Just let Dr. Henny know what you have planned and he will work out the rest!

If I have not had my teeth cleaned within the past year, can I have that completed as well at the same time?

Yes! We will be happy to arrange to clean your teeth prior to the Zoom procedure (additional fee required). Just mention you need this service to be completed when you schedule for your Zoom appointment with us.

Testimonials & Clients

Read some of the amazing results our clients have to share.

Lives up to reputation

I am so happy that I have finally found a dental practice where I feel heard and safe. This place is amazing. Every staff member is so kind and helpful, and Dr. Henny spent a lot of time with me, helping me understand my options. I hated going to the dentist in the past. I can't wait to see my old smile made new again!

Barbara D.

Great Experience!

all the hype about dr henny and this staff was pretty hard for me to believe, so i decided to go in and meet with him while holding a bit of skepticism in the back of my mind. i had eight of my upper front teeth capped about three years ago, and i cried when the dentist showed them to me when he was done - and i mean cried in a bad way. they looked horrible and nothing like natural teeth. dr henny helped me learn what was wrong with my caps and what my choices were relative to having the dental work corrected and improved.i am so excited about restoring and improving my smile, that i have hope again!


Sleep Apnea

I am so grateful for Dr.Henny's help with my sleep apnea issue. I was unable to wear the CPAP machine and it was driving my wife crazy with all the noise. The bite appliance Dr.Henny made for me is so much easier to use than CPAP, and the quality of my sleep is so much better now! No more dozing off at work and my wife is so much happier!!!

Donald Strathmore