Watch Sally’s testimonial video on her TMJ Treatment.

My name is Sally Nichols, I’m the mom of two young children, I have a five year old and a three year old, and I woke up one morning unable to either open my mouth all the way or close it all the way. It hurt, I mean you couldn’t chew food because—imagine it being completely out of joint, like the bone felt like it was way up here, so, yeah, there was a lot of jaw joint pain involved.  I contacted my regular dentist. He tried to work with me but was unable to get any resolution and referred me over to Dr. Paul Henny, DDS to see what we could do for my TMJ because I couldn’t even chew food or anything.

I was very impressed that it was very one-on-one. He did not have any other patients in the office. It was just he and I sitting at a table talking about what had happened and eventually I was taken back to one of the exam rooms to look at it in depth and see what was going on, but I didn’t feel rushed, I didn’t feel like there were other people, like I was one of twenty waiting to get my two minutes with him. I really felt like he took his time to figure out what was going on.

I had read in the past that sometimes—at least at some point in the past, surgery was the only way they thought they could fix my TMJ and jaw joint pain. And that was one of my questions for Dr. Henny when we first met, “Am I going to have to get surgery?” He assured me that 90% of patients are able to get their TMJ issues corrected without surgery… so that was a huge relief.

If anybody’s going through jaw joint pain or TMJ then they certainly would need to see Dr. Paul Henny, even if they think it would be too time consuming, it’s worth it in the end.

Once he started TMJ treatment I was able to get my teeth together to at least chew my food within, probably a week.